Top 5 Techno Places to Party in Goa in 2023/24

 Top 5 Techno Places to Party in Goa in 2023/24

Goa’s techno scene is vibrant and globally renowned, with venues that offer an immersive experience unlike any other. If you’re a techno enthusiast, these are the top 5 spots you won’t want to miss in the 2023/24 season.

1. House of Chapora: The Techno Sanctuary

At House of Chapora, techno reverberates through the air, mingling with the Goan breeze. Renowned for its intimate setting and exceptional sound systems, it’s a paradise for those who crave a fusion of nature and beats.

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2. Hilltop: The Legendary Open-Air Venue

Hilltop stands as a legend in Goa’s party lore. With its iconic Sunday sessions and special festival events, it’s the go-to destination for pulsating open-air techno parties under the Goan sun.

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3. Felix Goa: The New Wave of Techno

Felix Goa is carving out a niche in the Goan techno world. With its avant-garde approach to techno parties, Felix is the spot for those looking to experience simple house party .

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4. Hayati: The Rhythmic Retreat

Hayati offers a rhythmic retreat for techno lovers. Here, the vibe is as essential as the music, with a serene setting that complements the carefully curated line-up of DJs.

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5. 9 Bar: The Cliffside Techno Haven

Perched on the cliffs of Vagator, 9 Bar is a haven for techno aficionados. Its panoramic views and robust beats make it a must-visit for a transcendent dance experience.

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