No Sunburn on Dec 31, Locals oppose ‘Sunburn’ to take place on the eve of New Year

 No Sunburn on Dec 31, Locals oppose ‘Sunburn’ to take place on the eve of New Year


‘Gauncars’ grant permission for EDM from December 28 to 30, also reject govt proposal to transfer land to Dept of Tourism. No Sunburn on 31st Dec.


Organisers of Sunburn have got use of the land for the festival only from December 28 to 30, and not 31.

At an Extraordinary General Body meeting held on Sunday, gauncars of Anjuna Comunidade granted permission to the Sunburn organisers to hold the event for three days, and not on December 31, as requested, while also rejecting the proposal of the government to transfer land to the Department of Tourism.

n a meeting that saw all gauncars having no problems in agreeing on the issue, the message to the executive committee members – president Domingos Pereira, attorney Seby D’Souza and treasurer Denny D’Souza – was that the bounty will be bigger for all by sharing equally.

The application of Spacebound Web Labs Pvt Ltd to organise Sunburn on land belonging to Anjuna Comunidade was discussed, and the gauncars unanimously decided that December 31 will not be allotted, as it would cause inconvenience to the villagers of Anjuna, “as it is our festive season.”

“New Year’s Eve is the one day of the year when we like to spend time with our families who return from outside. If we cannot have one day of the year together, it is of no use,” said Nelson as he strode triumphantly from the meeting.

The Extraordinary General Body meeting also decided to charge the organisers of Sunburn Rs 2,43,14,607 (Rs 2.43 crore), at the rate of Rs 51 per square metre, for three days, from December 28 to December 30, with a 15 percent returnable deposit.

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